Services and Activities

Local Tour and Trek Guide Service

Our knowledgeable guides will accompany you on local tours and treks, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of the region's history, culture, and natural wonders.

Horse Riding

 Experience the thrill of horseback riding, the major means of transportation in Murma Village and the National Park area. Whether you're exploring Rara Lake or venturing to Murma Top, our horse-riding service adds an adventurous element to your journey and those who struggle to walk or trek can use this service. Basic rate: 10 $ to 40$ $(Negotiable)


  • Lake tour around Rara via horse riding: 25$
  • Resort to airport: 25$
  • Resort to jeep station: 10$
  • Resort to Murma top: 20$
  • Resort to Chuchhemara: 40$
  • Resort to Shiva Parvati Cave: 25$
  • Resort to Murma Village: 10$
  • Resort to Rara lake (boating spot): 5$

Porter and Horse Service

For those carrying extra baggage or embarking on mountain hikes or village explorations, our porter and horse services provide guidance and ease during your trek. Prices vary based on distance, baggage and duration. Porter charge: (20-25) $ for whole day.


Experience the enchantment of campfires, a morning and evening ritual at our hotel. Campfires are particularly mesmerizing during winter, offering a touch of luxury amid the snow. We organize campfires and picnics as per your preferences, ensuring a memorable experience. Camp fire rate: 10$


We offer sauna for those we desire to relax after heavy trekking or your stay at our resort. You can immerse yourself in the experience of Sauna in the chilling weather of Rara. Sauna rate:7$

Local Culture Exhibition

Immerse yourself in the local culture of Murma Village through our cultural exhibitions. Our staff members, who are locals, provide abundant opportunities to learn about the village's traditions, language, and unique rituals. We organize cultural programs, including local dances (Deuda), Shamanic rituals (seasonal), and more.
These rituals and cultural programs happen according to the demand of our beloved guests.
cultural program rate: 50$(the charge is offered to the local performers and shaman)

Culinary Delights

Indulge in local Nepali cuisine, including food, beverages, and vegetable products. We proudly showcase the flavors of the region, complemented by imported and packaged options to cater to various preferences. We offer Marshi rice, Local red beans, local potatoes, apples, honey, butter, local teas, buckwheat, wheat, mushroom, mountain goat and more…..

Attached and Non-attached Bathrooms

Our accommodations offer both attached and non-attached bathroom options to suit your needs and preferences.

Note: We highly recommend pre-booking your stay, especially during the peak seasons of Dashain (September-November), April-May (Nepali New Year), and the month of Shivaratri. As the number of hotels is limited in the area, availability may be scarce during these periods.