Culture & Tradition


Murma top is a trekking destination one must visit if they ever visit Rara they should not miss murma top hiking. After 2-3 hour walk across the murma village one can reach to the top.It is located at an altitude of 3800 meters above sea level. One can see the whole breathtaking view of Rara Lake from this altitude. Along with the view of Rara Lake, Kanjiroba Himal, Sisne Himal, Koiki Himal, Chankheli Himal, Chhayannath Temple(one of the shrines of Hinduism) Tibet, Karnali River, Humla, Jamla, kalikot, Dolpa and some parts of the far-western region can be seen. Saipal range, Khaptad, Badimalika, Bajura and some parts of Achham, Bajhang and Darchula districts can be seen along with the panoramic mountain ranges. Tourists have been saying “the journey to Rara would be incomplete without hikking Murma Top”

Murma Village & Local Culture

The village of Murma still is a raw example of a traditional nepali village not influenced by industrial development, richness of nepalese culture can be witnessed. It is the only village near Rara,30 minutes walk from Rara Lake. Murma village is an old historical village. Homestay in Murma village is being developed with the increase in the number of domestic and international tourists.

Deuda, Balo Champa, Raunihadhau, Bakte, Dhami Jhankri dances are the local art and culture in Murma village. During Dashain, a big fair is held in Murma village and puja in Chhapru Mahadev. Tourists visiting Rara on the occasion of Dashain can enjoy the local culture.


In terms of production organic barley, wheat, sorghum, bean, potato, vegetable, honey, herbal tea are abundant.

Shiv-Parvati Cave

This cave has not been identified yet, and has the capacity to hold up to 2,000 sheep, goats, horses. The significance of this cave is that directly at the top of it the statue of a pair of vultures are  made of hard rock. Water leaks out from the middle of the hard rock. Mountain vultures, Gauthali, Maluwa live here.

Chuchemara himal

Chuchemara Himal (Peak) on the south side of the lake is at an altitude of 4087 meters. It takes 4 hours to reach the peak from Rara. The route to reach this peak can be traversed through the jungle, observing the views of birds, hundreds of species of plants , grassy landscapes, rhododendron forests,caves. Himalayan range, Sinja Valley, Kanjirowa Himal, Sisne Himal and Rara lake can be observed from top.

Mahendra Shila

On the south-east side of Rara, there is a large green meadow with a variety of flowering plants. In Milichaur, one can observe the natural beauty of Rara and wrestle with the fragrance of flowers. Back then, while King Mahendra visited Rara he was moved by the beauty of Rara and wrote an inscription under a tree by the lake. Even known as a poet, King Mahendra said, “Sara ke khanaya isai rara ki apsara“. The meeting of the district panchayat had named Rara Lake as Mahendra taal on the same date.